Live Events

Our consultants work closely with our clients to ensure that the event health and safety standards are set to a high level at the very beginning, to ensure that all contractors are aware of their responsibilities and that they are aware that a safe working environment increases productivity and image projection.

A typical event planning diary follows:
  1. Initial concept meeting with client
  2. Carry out a site risk assessment
  3. Produce the Event Health and Safety Policy 
  4. Ensure all contractors are vetted to ensure compliance, certification and levels of insurance
  5. Authorise contractors method statements and risk assessments
  6. Attend meeting with other parties i.e. Police Service, local authority, Fire Service
  7. Monitor the construction of the event and carry out site inspection with respect to safety and welfare
  8. Monitor the event
  9. Monitor the de-construction of the event
  10. Produce post event report, if required by client.
With our large network of authorised, preferred suppliers we are able to assist the client getting the lowest price but to no cost to safety.

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