Lifting Assurance Advisors 

ASIS Risk Management is able to offer our services as Lifting Assurance Advisors for clients who have a need to use cranes, both mobile and tower, but who may not be qualified or have the experience to manage, supervise and carry out vital checks before and during a lifting operation.

Pre Lift Operations

We can:
  • examine the lifting operation proposed, independently of the contractor and determine the feasibility of any such lift and give written confirmation of our findings/opinions.
  • represent at the planning stage of any aspect of the project and advise on the proposed lifting operation and whether the intended method is not only safe, but applicable in the circumstances.
  • examine and critically review all such plans proposed by the Principal Contractor or any Sub-Contractor acting on their behalf, delivering our findings to the client.
  • work with the contractor and agree a scheme of work which is applicable to the environment and which reaches the high standards demanded by the client and confirm to the client when such a scheme of work has been agreed.
During Lift Operations

We can:
  • be present at the assembly of all tower and mobile cranes and ensure the rigging is as agreed and advise the client immediately of any deviation or concerns.
  • be present at any lifting operations, ensuring that the lift is being conducted as planned and agreed during the planning stage.
  • at any stage of the lifting operation, from planning through to execution, to bring to the attention of the client any concerns and if deemed necessary, to stop any lift if in your opinion it is being conducted in an unsafe manner or for any reason cannot be allowed to continue safely.

Post Lift Operations

We can:
  • report on the contractor performance during the lift, any agreed deviations from the originally agreed lift with reasons, details of any concerns or interventions necessary to ensure the lift operation progressed safely.
  • act as an independent advisor to the client in any HSE investigation, judicial hearing, tribunal or proceedings arising out of the lifting operations.
Our advisors can be employed on an ad-hoc basis to attend site and attend meetings etc.

For our daily/hourly rate please contact us on 020 8253 9878 or email: