CDM Co-ordination

CDM co-ordinators on notifiable projects, and contractors and designers on non-notifiable projects, all need to know about clients’ responsibilities and their response to them.  In particular, clients should:
  • appoint or engage people and organisations that are competent and adequately resourced to carry out the work they have to do; 
  • ensure that all appointments are made early enough to enable those appointed to carry out their duties effectively; 
  • ensure that management arrangements remain in place throughout the project, so that construction works can be carried out safely and without risk to health; 
  • allow sufficient time for each stage of the project, including design, preparation for starting on site and the construction itself; 
  • ensure information is provided that is likely to be needed by anyone involved, so that they can comply with their duties; 
  • co-operate with everyone involved, to make it easier for them to carry out their duties; 
  • co-ordinate their own work with all those involved, to ensure the safety of those carrying out construction work and anyone affected by it; 
  • be satisfied that any workplaces are designed to comply with all relevant health and safety Legislation; 
  • give notice to directly appointed contractors of the minimum time they will be allowed for planning and preparation between their appointment and starting construction work; 
  • be satisfied that suitable welfare facilities are provided by contractors from the start and throughout the construction phase.

On non-notifiable projects clients may need assistance from designers and contractors.

What the CDM Co-ordinator does:

The role requires technical knowledge of many aspects of the industry, an understanding of design and construction processes and the ability to communicate effectively.

Employ ASIS Risk Management as your CDM co-ordinators and we will carry out all the above on your behalf, plus we can provide Project Safety Supervisors to implement and monitor the plan.

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