Construction (Design & Management) Regulations Compliance

Clients should:

•  appoint or engage people and organisations that are competent and adequately resourced to carry out the work they have to do;

•  ensure that all appointments are made early enough to enable those appointed to carry out their duties effectively;

In our experience the second point is rarely the case.  Due to the perception that Health and Safety Law is complex it is a common occurrence that the CDM-C, a person who should be acting on the Client's behalf to challenge and question design, monitor performance and guide the contractor where possible, is directly employed by the contractor and not the Client, thus one could argue a conflict of interest may exist.

Employ ASIS Risk Management as your CDM Compliance Advisor and we will monitor the performance of the Principal Contractor and the CDM-C when they are appointed by the contractor, on your behalf and report back to you through your legal advisors.

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