VIP Safety Planning for Executives, Business and Industry leaders

The relationship we have developed with our clients has meant that we are approached to provide a varied amount of services; we recognise that as a company we have our specialisms and recognise our limitations.  Therefore, after carrying out due diligence, we bring in associates that can assist out client and meet their needs.  One area that crosses over with Safety is Security.  We work very closely with an associate company HALO Executive Limited to ensure our client's personal wellbeing and their property/assets remain safe at all times.  

HALO's Personal Safety Managers have many years experience in ensuring the safety of individuals who do not want their activities interrupted by others.  Our managers are familiar with the search of buildings and vehicles, are trained in conflict resolution, first aid, fire fighting and advanced driving and will adopt a low profile at any event and in any environment. 

HALO can provide domestic security, attend functions, black tie or casual, attend confidential meetings with the client to offer the dual role of information gathering whilst maintaining their level of safety and escort the client on national and international trips unarmed or armed (subject to the host nations law on carrying arms).

Confidentiality and discretion is assured.

This service is provided worldwide.  It can be contracted work or use us on an ad-hoc basis, job by job.

For more information please either contact us or contact HALO Executive through their website.

You can be assured of a totally discreet and confidential service, we do not use your name for marketing or in conversation.