Asbestos Awareness



To provide managers and employees with background knowledge of asbestos, i.e. asbestos fibre types, asbestos containing materials, related dangers, management and legislation, asbestos registers/surveys and safe working practices.


The course is split into two sessions. The first session is used to raise awareness and highlight the dangers of asbestos. The second session is for awareness of the legislation put in place to protect workers and employees and safe working practices for those who may come into contact with asbestos.

Session One:  Introduction and awareness:
  • Introduction to asbestos: what it is, where it comes from, fibre types, properties
  • Asbestos disease: how asbestos affects the body and various diseases associated with asbestos
  • Asbestos products: uses of asbestos and the various materials it was used in
  • DVD
Session Two: Asbestos Legislation and Safe Working Practices (Power-point and instructor presentation)
  • Asbestos Regulations
  • Regulation 4: The new duty to manage asbestos in the non-domestic property
  • Approved Codes of Practice: L27 & L28, what you can and cannot do without a licence etc
  • Safe Working practices: PPE, methods etc
  • Review of both sessions with additional slides
  • Questions and answers

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