About Us

The professional, practical and scalable provision of occupational safety services and solutions that we provide to a wide variety of clients and industries across the UK and abroad, has translated into secured repeat business, something which we are very proud of.

We believe that simple is best, helping our clients minimise bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork while still meeting necessary statutory requirements effectively. To help achieve this we form and maintain close relationships with our clients through regular communication. 

Construction Design and Management Compliance

Due to our years of experience and competent knowledge in plant installations we focus on the buildings/structure plant or glass replacement strategy with the Client before the build, in order to reduce project and maintainability costs.

Thereafter we can attend site to ensure the strategy that has been produced has not been changed.  In the case where it has been necessary to change the strategy due to technical advancements in equipment etc we will re-visit the strategy to provide competent advice.  Independent, cost effective advice.

Accident Investigation

Accident investigation can take up valuable management time and the findings may become prejudiced when carried out internally. Our accident investigation team have the experience and interpersonal skills to understand the issues relating to accidents and near misses.
An independent accident investigation can save time and money and establish from a non-prejudicial position the reason for the accident or near miss.

Lifting Assurance

ASIS Risk Management is experienced in the approval of lifting plans prior to any crane operation taking place.  Our aim is to ensure that the lifting contractor is competent to communicate the safe system of work to the lifting team.

To provide added assurance and where the contractor cannot demonstrate competency through their paperwork ASIS will attend site on the day of the lift to carry out a pre-start briefing with the contractor on the conditions of the operation including crane set-up and will then witness the contractors team briefing to their operatives in the safe system of work to be adopted.

Plant / Glass Replacement Strategy

Our team is consisted of those with many years experience in the plant movement/installation industry.  Those with experience at the 'coal face'.  There are many occasions where we advise clients that putting a particular piece of equipment into an area will bring complications later on in its life if it needs to be replaced.  Most of the time our clients listen. 

We now work with Designers by confirming their design through our extensive practical knowledge, thus providing assurance to the client moving forward.

All companies have wants and needs.
ASIS can give you what you need(1) in terms of occupational health and safety and will help you get what you want(2) out of your Safety Management System.

need [need]
    a necessary duty, requirement, or obligation
want [want]
    to have a desire to do (something); a wish